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Photos of Rosenheim (Bavaria, Germany)

  Rosenheim townhall Rosenheim St. Nikolaus Rosenheim Salinstrasse Rosenheim Muenchener Strasse  

Townhall of Rosenheim

Church St. Nikolaus


Muenchener Strasse

  Rosenheim museum Rosenheim Max-Josefs-Platz Rosenheim Max-Josefs-Platz Rosenheim Max-Josefs-Platz  

City museum of Rosenheim

Max-Josefs-Platz with Christmas market

Max-Josefs-Platz with Christmas market

Max-Josefs-Platz with Christmas market


Photos of lake Chiemsee (Bavaria, Germany)

  Lake Chiemsee Herrenchiemsee Latona-fountain Herrenchiemsee palace Herrenchiemsee Fama-fountain  

Impressions of lake Chiemsee

Latona-fountain in Herrenchiemsee

Herrenchiemsee palace

Fama-fountain in Herrenchiemsee

  Lake Chiemsee with Fraueninsel Frauenchiemsee Abbey Frauenchiemsee Abbey Chiemsee railway  

Lake Chiemsee with Fraueninsel

Benediktiner abbey Frauenchiemsee

Benediktiner abbey Frauenchiemsee

Historic steam locomotive


Photos of Innsbruck's oldtown (Tyrol, Austria)

  Innsbruck Innsbruck Hofburg Innsbruck Mariahilf Innsbruck St. Jakob  

View from Hungerburg on Innsbruck with Hofgarten in the foreground and Mount Isel in the background. The city covers an area of 10500 ha, which is situated between the Nordkette in the North and the highway in the South.

View from the square in front of the country's theatre on the Hofburg of Innsbruck. Like in Vienna the cabs are waiting here for the tourists to be picked up.

View on the row of houses at the river Inn. The district is located opposite to the oldtown at the ridge of the Nordkette.

The distinctive silhouette of Innsbruck is dominated by the tower of St. Jakob's cathedral.

  Innsbruck Ottoburg Innsbruck Goldenes Dachl Innsbruck city tower Innsbruck triumphal arc  

The oldest house of Innsbruck with remaining parts of the city wall.

Not far away from it the famous late gothic bay with golden roof tiles is located.

At the same street the city tower is situated, where you can climb 148 stairs to its platform.

The triumphal arch is a sign for the closeness to Italy. The building marks one end of the main street.


Photos of Innsbruck's environs (Tyrol, Austria)

  Inntal Oberland Alp of Lans Innsbruck with Nordkette Sellrain-valley with 'Heumanderln'  

View from Patscherkofel to the West

Lanser Alm at Patscherkofel in 1.718 m elevation above MSL

View from Patscherkofel to the Nordkette

In the Sellrain-valley the hay is dried traditionally.

  Kematen Kematen municpal office Kematen St. Viktor procession with traditional costumes  

Farm in Kematen in Tyrol

Municipal office of Kematen in Tyrol

Baroque church St. Viktor with triple onion tower

In the villages of Tyrol traditions are kept up.


Photos of Schermbeck (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

  Schermbeck castle Schermbeck townhall Schermbeck heritage museum Schermbeck upper mill  

Castle of the earl and dukes of Kleve built around 1300

New (old) townhall built in 1910

House of a farming citizen or a craftsman built in 1566/69, today providing the local heritage museum

Upper Mill, for the first time documented in 1640

  Schermbeck former reformed church Schermbeck St. Georg Schermbeck St. Georg Schermbeck upper mill water wheel  

Octangular building of the former reformed church consecrated 1786

Protestant parish church St. Georg dated from the fourteenth to the fifteenth centuries

Protestant parish church St. Georg dated from the fourteenth to the fifteenth centuries

Water wheel of the upper mill


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