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Optimization of planning, operation and maintenance of selected facilities for stormwater infiltration


The sealing of urban areas causes during extreme rain events an increased surface runoff, which is discharged into receiving water. Due to the discharge the receiving water is stressed hydraulically and by the pollutants in the runoff. The objective of a sustainable water management is to adjust the runoff rates from urban areas to the situation before urbanization. The decentralized stormwater infiltration is a suited instrument to close or restore the water circle in small scale. Legal basis for the stormwater infiltration in the state North Rhine-Westphalia is its water directive. In 51a is defined that the stormwater runoff from real estates built up after 1st January in 1996 has to be infiltrated or discharged into a near located receiving water. However, stormwater infiltration can be applied only, if the public welfare will not be influenced negatively thereby. Due to legal regulations, an altered environmental awareness and economical aspects stormwater infiltration is more and more applied. Nevertheless, failings with regard to construction and maintenance conflict with a proper operation and will not only cause material and financial disadvantages, but will also lead to a reduced public acceptance. The objective of the diploma thesis is to point out potential failures of existing facilities and to find out the reasons for these failures. Additionally, the risk potential for groundwater pollution by heavy metals contained in the runoff is investigated and assessed.

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